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RENTING IN L.A. is a locally sourced guide for renters on all things real estate & rental related: from finding a new home, to the application process, to signing a lease and living in a rental to pursuing your dream of future home ownership.

This blog was created and curated by the real estate gurus and the leading experts in the leasing industry, The Rental Girl. The Rental Girl is a Leasing Agency with neighborhood branches throughout Los Angeles, California. Each branch is operated by a unique individual rental agent providing free apartment and home rental listings to renters. The Rental Girl lists apartments and homes for rent in all the great Los Angeles neighborhoods.

The Rental Girl agents are all California licensed real estate agents who are instrumental in navigating renters through the treacherous Los Angeles rental market and ultimately motivating and leading them through ‘first time home buyers’ fears and stumbling blocks to achieve their dreams of one day owning their own home.

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Meet Your Guides:

Lindsay Victory, Leasing Agent, Realtor®: Silver Lake, Echo Park & Elysian Valley | (310) 694-7577

A dreamer who found her groove in Silver Lake, Victory fell in love with both her neighborhood and the vibe and culture at The Rental Girl while shopping for her own new place. She signed a   lease with The Rental Girl team, and then we recruited her. She has discovered a dream job with limitless possibilities to grow her empire. Victory is known for her no-nonsense spirit, a kind, hopeful heart, and a work ethic that is unparalleled. She fastened her stilettos, grabbed her camera, and jumped onto Ellie’s team where she apprenticed for nearly a year before taking the reins, using that time to establish relationships built on trust with her clients. Now, she’s killing it.

Jasmine Ward, Leasing Agent, Realtor ®: Los Feliz and Franklin Hills | (323) 470-4635

A powerhouse among twenty-somethings, Jasmine was lured into the industry after serving almost 6 years in the US Air Force. Then in her sophomore year of Fashion School, she co-created a glossy lifestyle mag where she was Editor-in-Chief and she’s currently designing an art show that shines light on social justice. Jasmine was first attracted to real estate for the relationships and connections that are created here. She is a SoCal native, which shows through her laid-back vibe and belief in approaching life with a light-heart and love. When not perusing through boutiques in Los Feliz, she’s donating her time to non-profits. What’s undeniable about Jasmine is her love for humanity, her insatiable appetite for exploration and curiosity and her passion for community. We’re lucky to have her!

Alexis Hilton, Leasing Agent, Realtor ® : Koreatown, Larchmont, Mid-City, Miracle Mile | (323) 633-0276

Alexis traded the runways and print modeling in Milan and Paris for real estate, first in NYC (born and raised!), until the familiar pull to the sunny west coast brought her to LA. The glass towers, Deco architecture, palm trees and Korean BBQ called her to Koreatown, where she feels right at home. In fact, her home has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine. It’s a reflection of her personality. Warm. Welcoming. Honest. Her clients sense that, too, and trust her expertise in this booming nabe. Her passion, dedication and sage advice set her apart. When she’s not featuring the hottest new listings and neighborhood attractions in Larchmont, Hancock Park, and Koreatown, she’s out scouting for more. A typical New Yorker, you’d say, except for that shining spirit. Let’s face it. We have the market on that.

Julie Serber, Leasing Agent, Realtor®: Westside | (818) 724-9195

A former opera singer with a B.A. in Advertising from Pepperdine, Julie was an Account Manager at a boutique ad firm. Now, she parlays the savoir-faire that led to successful film trailers (one in which she has a cameo) to put clients and renters at ease. Having been raised an LA girl, Julie has lived in some of the town’s best zip codes, including Malibu, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, and Hollywood. Most recently, she’s put down roots in Culver City, the area where she works as hard as she plays. When she’s not matching house hunters to the homes they love, Julie enjoys sharing the glittering aesthetic of her ‘hood’s history. (Psst! She suggests The Culver Hotel for its Gatsby vibe, cause it brings out her inner flapper girl.) She’s a tiny girl with a big heart. Her newest passion connects her to people and four-legged friends alike at Adopt & Shop, a local rescue organization that saves animals from kill shelters.

Danielle Carter, Leasing Agent, Realtor®: Long Beach and South Bay | (310) 702-6223

Danielle’s small town values followed her when she moved from her birthplace, a teeny Alabama town near historic Selma, to LA, where she was raised. And she’s kept that wide-eyed wonder and approachability, which she tempers with bravery. She understands that her clients are sometimes entering new territory, and her mission is to give them the courage to step toward their dreams. She’s the kind of gal that assembles her friends on the holidays and together they make bagged lunches to give to the homeless. Her eye for marketing a home has been practiced by bringing vintage furniture back to life with modern fabrics and vibrant colors, which she sells on her little Etsy shop.

Angela Campos, Leasing Agent, Realtor®: NELA | (562) 275-5875

Angela fits right in with a mix of hipsters, hippies and family folk in LA’s newest mecca for those seeking a more eclectic and independent haven. It doesn’t take long to discover her enthusiasm for ridiculously delicious eats and hidden-away vintage finds. So far, she’s got two tattoos that she’ll tell about. Patience curls around her wrist, a reminder of her values; less visible is the flock of sparrows, representing her family. Born in SoCal, she grew up in the South Bay area and has lived all over Los Angeles. At heart, Angela has always belonged in real estate. She’s done it all, from escrow, to loan processing, to property management–and she is stoked to be in the Highland Park and NELA areas, where she’ll cast some of her natural sunshine on her rental properties. In life, she says, “It’s all empty and meaningless until YOU give it meaning.” What fulfills her–in and outside of the biz–is helping others achieve their dreams…and at The Rental Girl, she’s found a way to blend who she is with what she does.


MichelleSacksonMichelle Sackson, Leasing Agent, Realtor ®: Atwater Village, Pasadena, South Pasadena & Glendale | (323) 528-5474

An Akashic energy healer, Michelle has an insatiable zest for life and everything she touches turns to gold. Before winning a nod from the Broad’s Circle as runner-up for Entrepreneur of The Year in 2014 for creating an all girls ride-share startup, she was creator and head of her own successful fashion design firm, Cirque du Cheval.Her eye for beauty, business savvy, and spiritual intuition were a trifecta of talent for the transition to real estate. Though she’s a California girl, raised in the hood she represents, the La Crescenta/La Canada native was led away for a time to the Sacred Valley of Peru, beyond the ruins of Machu Picchu. Her goal for her clients—and anyone she comes into contact with—is that they feel heard, acknowledged, understood and seen. There is a saying from spiritual mentor Ram Dass that goes, “We’re all just walking each other home.” And that’s how Michelle sees her role as an agent and a human being. And the ground that she walks glitters with magic.


Joaquin Joseph Cantu, Leasing Agent, Realtor ®: East Hollywood and Virgil Village | (323) 590-0988

Young, ambitious, and with a keen aesthetic eye, Joaquin brings some good old-fashioned testosterone and bright wit to the Girl, which is why we lured him to begin with. He’s got the soul of a native Californian (though he was born in Santa Fe and grew up in the The Woodlands, a realtor’s dream village in Houston). A student of Interior Design, he is fascinated by the architecture, history and restoration of LA homes. A home holds mystery, and he loves that.


Paula Orr, Leasing Agent, Realtor ®: The Valley | (323) 363-4942

Paula is an OG. Not gangster – an original Rental Girl! She joined when we were a teeny tiny operation, and opened the Hollywood and West Hollywood areas. Since then, life has changed a little bit. She fulfilled a lifelong dream and went back to school to get her MFA and branched out into sales. She knows that a person’s home is where their lives will be fully lived. Where they will grow and thrive. It is in the mirror of her bones to take her clients by the hand and help them discover their dreams – whether they’re renting, buying, or investing. As a writing coach and a darned good agent full of heart, she delights in turning those dreams to reality.


Lindsay Bartlette Allen | “LBA,” Leasing Agent, Realtor ®: Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Hollywood Hills | (323) 633-8077

A new and on-fire Angeleno, LBA melted the ice off Chicago’s city sidewalks, where she founded a theatre troupe that received accolades under her artistic direction for transcendent storytelling and won an award for Leasing Agent of the Year and an overall Marketing Superstar award from her property management team. That insider experience gives her an edge as she transfers to the land of sun, sand, and stars on Hollywood. She’s spent months traipsing around her Hollywood nabes, checking out the best coffee shops, comparing rent prices, and learning why Bette Davis famously advises newcomers, “Take Fountain, darling.” (She says, “Don’t do it.”) She’s digging the secondhand shops and getting to know her neighbors. Ever the thespian, LBA knows to trust the process as she collaborates with others, on stage and off.