Welcome TRG BossLadies!

Welcome TRG BossLadies!

The Rental Girl welcomed some incredible #BossLadies in 2017!

HeadshotsInCircles_HeatherHEATHER D. OROZCO | THE GOOD LIFE

A gorgeous shock of red hair and tatted arms belie the gumptious interior beneath Heather D’s beauty. An activist at heart, Heather D’s not only rescuing dogs, but she is using her influence to make our world a little more safe and fair. And that safety starts in the home. One might say that she inherited the real estate gene. A daughter of an artist and a Realtor, she’s no stranger to navigating the gritty underbelly of a century-old Craftsman or to showcasing dream homes. But before finding her niche as a buyer and seller’s agent, she rocked it for 20 successful years in the music biz, where she booked thousands of shows, shot album covers and designed show posters (one of which was featured in The Art of Modern Rock).


Brittany has an eye for the magical and whimsical things. Forever curious, Brit picks up arts and crafts with panache, from homemade pasta and bead weaving to pottery and woodworking. She’s been in LA but a quick minute and has had no problem getting acquainted with her new hometown, unpacking boxes, setting up house, and lovin’ her hood. She especially loves joints that welcome her and her pug-pup. With a BA in Visual Communications from Northern Kentucky, this Cincinnati native has worked in design, marketing, and social media with some of the coolest indie brands. And it’s no wonder she’s worked in Philly at URBN, Inc., Anthropologie’s parent co – this one brims with creativity.

GINA LEE PALMER | CONNIE+GINA AgentHeadshots_Gina_Gina

Gina is a rouser, at work, at play, and at home. An enthusiastic runner, she chases after zen and relaxation by lacing up her tennies, and is liable to send an open invitation for her friends and clients (same thing, she says) to join. And she’s just as passionate about seeing them reach their real estate goals. Buying that first house or investing in income property—she helps them to financially secure their futures and loves doing it.

After moving out on her own at 19 and putting herself through school at Cal State, she immersed herself in the biz: first managing a real estate office in the prestigious Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego, and then running a real estate transaction business before teaming up to create the family firm with mama…

AgentHeadshots_Connie_ConnieCONNIE STAHL | CONNIE+GINA

At 5’2, Connie is a powerhouse in the biz. Before opening her own real estate transaction firm, she helped design and run a non-profit to empower formerly incarcerated youth, and she trained horses on the side. Horse training requires patience, diligence, wisdom and confidence, the qualities that put horses—and people—at ease.

She’s not just a loved agent, but a trusted friend and mom who works hard, plays hard, and loves being a realtor. No surprise then that she and her daughter, Gina, merged their expertise and now form one fabulous and reliable team in Long Beach.

Connie lives in Alamitos Beach. Her favorite place is in the sand, and she believes every day is a good day.


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