The Rental Girl Spotlight Sessions are like one-on-one, virtual coffee dates with our real estate agents. We ask one of The Rental Girls 5 simple questions, they respond with  5 honest and (we hope!) insightful answers. This gives our readers a chance to get up close and personal with the real girl behind the avatars on our site, and gain further insight into The Rental Girl company. Feel free to leave questions/curiosities in the comments section below!

Meet MISSY The Rental Girl’s Hollywood, Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood agent.

Where were you born, and what brought you to Los Angeles?

I was born in Pittsburg, but mostly grew up in Atlanta. As for Los Angeles…the West Coast was just calling my name. I always wanted to be out here, and so I just made it happen (amen to that!)

When did you know you wanted to become a real estate agent, and what attracted you to The Rental Girl?  

Well a couple of years ago, my husband and I were really into the idea of flipping homes and making homes look better; we really enjoyed spaces and seeing new and different designs within spaces. So in the back of my mind, working with real estate to some degree was something I always knew I wanted to do.

The website was what first attracted me to The Rental Girl. I was looking for an apartment for myself, and thought all the places were really cute. I loved how every girl had their own cartoon, and the company just seemed so personal and unique…and fun!

Favorite thing about your neighborhood?

In Hollywood, you get to observe trends and see hip new things being showcased as they’re happening. Whether it’s how people are dressing on the streets, or the Urban Outfitters and other stores in Space 15 Twenty (by the Arclight), and getting to see what different design aesthetics are being tried out in those spaces–it’s all top-notch. Or even the interiors of restaurants in the neighborhood, and how they’re serving coffee or juice–whatever it is, I love that Hollywood is the city’s trendsetter.

No. 1 piece of advice for renting in LA?

Hm…I’d say go get in your car, drive around areas or streets that you really love and look for “For Rent” signs. That way, you aren’t just flying by availability, but instead you’re being specific about where you want to be. Then, target that particular area and just put it out there that you’re going to find a place in that neighborhood or that street you like.

Also, rent is unfortunately on the rise so I also advise coming with some savings in hand–especially if you’re an artist of some sort and don’t have a regular paycheck. That way you can prove to a landlord that you are stable, responsible applicant.

When you’re not busy being The Rental Girl, what do you find yourself doing? 

Going to the movies, over and over and over again! I love going to the Vista Theatre (down the street from our office!) or if I’m not there, the Arclight on Sunset. I love going to coffee shops…my favorite coffee spot is actually in Atwater Village. It’s called Proof, it’s super quaint and they have a really good bakery. I also like going to Broom Street in Silver Lake–I just love good coffee! And taking walks in the neighborhood…I always enjoy a good walk (if only we could insert Missy laughing at herself after that last line).

So there you have it–a virtual coffee date with Missy (okay, there may have been real coffee involved too). Missy loves the cutting edge trends and designs you find in Hollywood, and is always down for a good flick or stroll around the neighborhood. If you’re looking for a home or rental in the Hollywood area, Missy would love to take care of you! Visit Missy’s page on The Rental Girl‘s site and browse her properties to see if she has what you’re looking for! Don’t see a current listing that fits your specific needs? Don’t fear! Just click back on our home page to sign up for our free V.I.P email, fill out your criteria, and we’ll email you as soon as a match becomes available! It’s as simple as that 🙂

Happy Hunting!

The Rental Girl



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